Essence of Tranquility: A Complete Guide

If you have an hour or two to relax and forget about everything around you. What would you do? I'm sure you have several things in mind. However, in this piece, we will show a location you can go to relax your mind and rejuvenate your body. This location embodies the essence of tranquillity.


And the name of this place is just that: Essence of Tranquility.

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    • Location: 32.8339546, -109.70758
    • Type: Semi developed
    • Temperature: 98°F to 105°F
    • Fees: Required
    • Hike-in access: No
    • Vehicle access: Yes
    • Number of pools: 6
    • Rule: Clothing optional in private pool. Clothing required in the communal pool.
    • Reservations: Required for overnight lodging and treatments.
    • Phone: +1 928-428-9312 

    Essence of Tranquility is a small rustic resort and campground with hot mineral springs and spa services. It is located in a desert oasis in Safford, Arizona, about three hour drive from Phoenix.

    This hidden gem is ideal for couples, singles, or a small group of friends looking for a fun getaway. It is a low-cost resort. If you want to stay the night, you can soak in the hot pools, get spa treatments, stay in a cabin or casita, or pitch a tent on the campground.

    Hot Springs at Essence of Tranquility

    Hot Springs site

    The resort features six soaking tubs. Five private tubs with complete walls with a door and one communal tub. The private soaking tubs are clothing optional. Open nudity is not allowed in the resort. You must put some clothes on when using the communal soaking pool.

    The hot spring gets piped from its underground source into the six tubs. The water in the tubs is not chlorinated. It is all-natural and self-cleansing. The clean mineral water flows out and replenishes itself.

    The water in these tubs varies in temperature, and you can choose the one most comfortable for you. The six rooms each have their own special decor and attributes. So, while deciding on the tub to soak in, you can also factor in the design of the room. What you see around you while soaking has a way of influencing your experience.

    Reservation is not required to use each of the tubs. But it is on a first-come-first-served basis. Hence, it is good to have an idea of the space to make your decision easier when you get there.

    Soaking tub #1

    Essence of Tranquility

    This is the Waterfall Room, a private room. The hot mineral water seeps out of the rock that was used to line this tub at a height. This produces the appearance of a miniature waterfall. The effect is similar to sitting in a hot spring stream near a waterfall. The water in this soaking tub is 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Soaking tub #2

    Essence of Tranquility

    This rectangular tub is located in “The Cave,” a private room. The water temperature here is 102 degrees Fahrenheit. This room is enclosed by stone walls of different colors. The overall effect is similar to bathing in a hot spring near the entrance to a cave.

    Soaking tub #3

    essence of tranquility- guidednow

    This is the “Blue Lagoon”. It’s an open communal tub filled with warm mineral water that’s 98 degrees Fahrenheit. On one side of the wall, there is a piece of wall art depicting seaweed and turtles swimming in blue reflective water. The effect is similar to soaking in a hot spring while viewing an underwater aquarium.

    Soaking tub #4

    Essence of tranquility soaking tub 4

    This is the Asian Trek, a private room. The temperature in this oval-shaped tub is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. A colorful tapestry hangs on one side of the wall. Another wall has wallpaper art on it. The artwork depicts a door leading into a lake surrounded by a lovely garden.

    Soaking tub #5

    Essence of tranquility Tub 5

    This is a private room inspired by Greek architecture. It is called “Greek vacation”. The rectangular tub is filled with thermal water of temperature 104 F.

    Soaking tub #6

    Essence of Tranquility tub 6

    “For the love of music” is a private room with a heart-shaped tub. This tub is 105 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s the warmest tub in the place. The walls are adorned with musical arts and music note drawings.

    Tub fees

    Rates for using the tub are as follows: 

    The hourly rate is $15 per person.

    Day use is $35 per person for a maximum of three hours. With the day option, you can divide your tub soaking into different times of the day. The fee will expire once you have completed the three hours.

    To use the tubs please observe the following rules. 

    • No alcohol.
    • No glass.
    • No drugs.
    • No open nudity.
    • No smoking.
    • No children under the age of 12.
    • No more than 4. people per group. 
    • Bring your own towels. 

    Spa Treatments at Essence of Tranquility 

    Massage therapy at essence of tranquility

    This tranquil resort offers treatments in private rooms in addition to hot spring tubs for soaking. As opposed to using the tubs, if you want treatments, you must make a reservation one day ahead of time.

    The types of treatment available, as well as their prices, are listed below. All treatments are administered by qualified therapists.


    A soothing body massage at Essence of Tranquility will cost you $65 per hour or $35 for half an hour.

    Cupping Therapy

    cupping therapy

    This is an ancient therapy in which special cups made of ceramic, glass, silicon, or bamboo are used to create sunction on your skin for a few minutes. This treatment is thought to aid in blood circulation, toxin removal in the treated area, cell repair, muscle tension relief, and other benefits. This treatment at Essence of Tranquility costs $65 per session. 


    Reflexology therapy

    Without the use of oils or lotion, this therapy entails applying pressure to specific points on the feet and hands. These gentle pressures on specific parts of the foot and hands have an effect on other parts of the body and are thought to improve health. This body zone therapy will set you back $65 per hour or $35 for a half-hour session.

    Essential Oil Therapy

    This age-old therapy, also known as Aromatherapy, has been shown to improve mood, stress relief, and sleep. Adding this to your hot spring soak will provide you with a relaxing mind and body experience. This therapy will cost you $45 for a half-hour session at Essence of Tranquility.

    Please keep in mind that a credit card is required to confirm your appointment. If you need to cancel after the transaction, you must do so at least 24 hours before your arrival at the resort. If you do not provide this notice before your arrival, your credit card will be charged in full.

    Best times to visit Essence of Tranquility

    Tub hours are from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, Tuesdays to Saturdays.  The facility is closed on Sundays and Mondays. 

    The information in the tabs below depicts the busiest times at the resort. You can use this to plan your visit so that you don’t have to deal with crowds.

    Data source: Google

    Lodging and Camping at Essence of Tranquility 

    Bunk house-guidednow

    If you want to spend the night, there are several options available. You can rent one of the casitas (small rooms), the bunkhouse, or pitch a tent in one of the campsites. The overnight lodging rate includes the use of the tub.

    The bunkhouse has six full-size bunk beds as well as an air conditioner, heater, fridge, coffee maker, and microwave. The nightly rate for private use is $200, and the hostel rate is $25 per person.

    The casitas are clean and have comfortable beds. They can sleep 1 to 4 people and cost between $50 and $60.

    Casita 16 at essence of tranquility
    Casita #16

    There is also a common living room with TV and Wi-Fi, a fully outfitted communal kitchen and restrooms.

    There are also campgrounds where you can pitch a tent for $20 per person.

    Please keep in mind that all lodging and camping require reservations and that a credit card is required to hold a reservation.

    How to get to Essence of Tranquility

    Essence Of Tranquility is located at 6074 S Lebanon Loop Rd, Safford, AZ 85546, USA. The road is completely paved and you can drive right up to it. It will take you about 3 hours from Phoenix or 1hour 50min from Tucson.


    From Phoenix, get onto US-70 E and drive for 76.2 miles. Then turn right onto US-191 S. Drive for 4.8 miles and make a right onto  Lebanon Road. After 0.5 miles, make a left onto Lebanon Loop Rd. Drive for another 0.6 miles to arrive at your destination on the right.

    From Tucson, go east on I-10. From I-10 E, take exit 352 onto US-191 N. Continue on to milepost 115 and turn left onto Cactus Road. Drive for about 0.5 miles and turn right onto Lebanon Loop Road. After about 0.4 miles of driving north on this road, you will come to the Essence of Tranquility on the left. 

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    Safety while soaking in hot springs

    Hot springs are generally safe to use. However, it is best to take the following precautions while soaking.

    • Do not dive into pools, splash water, or immerse your head. Keep your face out of the hot pool and don’t drink the water no matter how clean it looks.
    • Stay hydrated by drinking enough water before you soak.
    • Don’t soak for too long. If you have a day pass, it is best to break up your soaking into short sessions.
    • Don’t soak in scalding hot pools.
    • Don’t use hot springs if you have open wounds.
    • Don’t drink alcohol while soaking.

    Final Thoughts

    At some point in time, one hopes to return to a quieter place to take a much-needed break from the noise of life. If you have decided to head outdoors and take a dip in natural hot springs, you are not alone in your choice.

    In this post, we have provided a comprehensive overview of the Essence of Tranquility Natural Hot Springs and spa treatments. If you are looking for a relaxing getaway, this rustic resort and campground is definitely worth a visit.

    Thanks for reading.

    If you have visited this campground or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.


    Are pets allowed at Essence of Tranquility?

    Yes. However, dogs must be kept on a leash at all times while on the property and are not permitted in the communal kitchen or rec room.

    Are RVs allowed in the campground?

    RVs are not allowed.

    Is lot parking available at the compound?

    Yes. Lot parking is available.

    How deep are the pools at Essence of Tranquility

    The pools are usually quite deep. The depth varies from the waist to the neck level.

    Is it necessary to book an overnight stay in order to use the hot spring tubs?

    No. This is a day-use facility with options for lodging and camping.

    Is there a restaurant at Essence of Tranquility?

    There is no restaurant at this facility, but there is a fully equipped communal kitchen where you can prepare your own meals. A restaurant is also located a few minutes away from the facility.

    What are some attractions close to Essence of Tranquility?

    • Mt Graham International Observatory
    • Roper Lake State Park
    • Hot Well Dunes Recreation Area
    • Frye Mesa Reservoir

    Is it good to immerse one’s hair in a hot spring?

    It is best to keep your hair out of hot spring water. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium in hot springs can cause hair dryness, similar to how hard water can be damaging to hair.

    What are the health benefits of soaking in a hot mineral spring?

    • Sulfur, one of the mineral components found in most springs, has been demonstrated to aid in the treatment of severe skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.
    • Hot springs can help alleviate tension by relaxing tense muscles and allowing you to fall asleep faster after you get out of the hot tub.
    • Hot springs have been shown to boost blood circulation and oxygen flow, resulting in an overall sense of well-being.
    • Hot springs have been utilized to relieve symptoms caused by muscle strain, swollen joints, ligament damage, arthritis, and other ailments since time immemorial.
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